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November 28, 2022—Putting Our Sustainable Economy Framework into Practice

November 18, 2022—Intentions and Reflections from a United Methodist Trip to COP27

November 14, 2022—From Elation to Misery—How Emotions Tempt Investors to Time the Markets

October 10, 2022—Why Investors Should Rethink Cash

October 3, 2022—Key Takeaways from Third Quarter’s Markets

September 22, 2022—"Fed" Up With Inflation, the Fed Continues to Raise Rates

August 26, 2022—Uncovering Investment Talent: An Asset Manager Due Diligence Overview

July 1, 2022—Markets In Review—What Happened in the First Half of 2022

June 27, 2022—Can Negative Sentiment Be a Positive Market Indicator?

June 21, 2022—Why Investors Should Care About Food, Agriculture and Biodiversity

June 6, 2022—Wespath Files Shareholder Resolution Asking Caterpillar to Address Human Rights Risks

May 20, 2022—Solar Power "Electrifying" Low Income Housing Communities

May 9, 2022—Inflation and the 60/40 Portfolio

April 19, 2022—Earth Day 2022: How We "Invest In Our Planet" Toward an Equitable Net-Zero Future

April 4, 2022—Three Considerations for Investors Hiring an OCIO Provider

March 14, 2022—Dude, Where’s My Peloton?

March 7, 2022—How Alternative Investments Can Benefit Your Diversified Portfolio

February 22, 2022—A Personal Connection to Wespath's Values

February 7, 2022—Does Bitcoin Belong in a Traditional Investment Portfolio?

January 31, 2022—Reflections on the Afghan Refugee Crisis and the Need for a Sustainable Global Economy

January 18, 2022—Start 2022 With Our Favorite Investment Podcasts, Commentary and Twitter Follows!

January 10, 2022—A History of the U.S. "Debt Ceiling"

January 3, 2022—John Wesley, Improv Comedy, and "Yes And" Values

December 20, 2021—The Fiduciary Case for COVID-19 Vaccine Equity

November 22, 2021—Investing for the Net-Zero Future: Wespath's "Transition Ready" Strategies

November 1, 2021—Climate Change and Wespath: Why COP26 Matters and What We're Doing

October 26, 2021—Affordable Housing Investing and the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program

October 1, 2021—What Is Federal Reserve "Tapering" and Why Does It Matter?

August 27, 2021—Risk Management for Institutional Investors: To Avoid, or to Control?

August 16, 2021—IPCC Climate Change Report: Our Answers to Your Questions

June 8, 2021—Should You Be Worried About Inflation Right Now?

June 3, 2021—Recapping the Historic Week for Sustainable Investing in the Oil and Gas Industry

May 24, 2021—What Is a Fiduciary, Anyway?

May 4, 2021—Wespath's Latest Shareholder Engagement on Human Rights Risk

April 21, 2021—Wespath Sets Near-Term Portfolio Carbon Intensity Reduction Targets

March 11, 2021—One Year Later...

February 26, 2021—Paris Agreement Officially in Effect: What It Means for Investors

February 18, 2021—Why Small-Cap Stocks Have Been Outperforming Large Caps

February 5, 2021—Value Investing Isn't Dead, It Just Needs Redefining

January 29, 2021—Reflections on the GameStop Mania from a Long-Term Investor

January 4, 2021—Wespath Commits to "Just Transition" on Climate Change: What You Should Know

November 19, 2020—Investor Psychology: Why Short-Term Volatility Can Drive Behavior Despite Long-Term Investment Horizons

November 9, 2020—2020 Election Week Market Observations from the Chief Investment Officer

October 28, 2020—U.S. Elections and the Financial Markets

October 21, 2020—New ESG-Related Regulatory Proposals May Hinder Fiduciary Duties

October 14, 2020—Doing Better, Together: Wespath’s Asset Managers Respond to COVID-19

September 17, 2020—Reflecting on U.S. Wildfires, Climate Action and Sustainable Investing

September 9, 2020—Operation Warp Speed and Investing in Companies Working to Cure COVID-19

August 18, 2020—As ESG Integration Grows, Investors Should Avoid Common Misconceptions

July 28, 2020—The Three Pillars of a Sustainable Global Economy