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Putting Our Sustainable Economy Framework into Practice

Trent Sparrow portrait photo

   By Trent Sparrow
   Manager, Impact Investment
   November 28, 2022

Trent Sparrow shares some of the ways Wespath is working to make a sustainable global economy a reality by detailing the goals of our Sustainable Economy Framework and examples of its real-world impact.

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Intentions and Reflections from a United Methodist Trip to COP27

Jake Barnett portrait photo

   By Jake Barnett
   Director, Sustainable Investment Stewardship
   November 18, 2022

Jake Barnett reflects on how his experience at November’s COP27 conference enriched his perspective and will contribute to his sustainable investment work.

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From Elation to Misery—How Emotions Tempt Investors to Time the Markets

Karen Manczko portrait photo

   By Karen Manczko
   Director, Institutional Relationships
   November 14, 2022

Karen Manczko discusses the temptation for investors to deviate from their long-term strategies and make short-term moves during periods of high volatility. She explains the difficulties of this fickle investment approach by analyzing historical data.

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