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New Tool Helps Us Measure the Impact of Our Investments in Public Markets

Dave Zellner portrait photo

   By Jon Strieter
   Analyst, Impact Investments
   September 25, 2023

At Wespath, we are proud to showcase how we invest retirement savings and institutional investor funds in ways that align with our shared Methodist values. A new tool helps Wespath achieve that goal.

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Why Climate Change Is Causing Higher Insurance Premiums and Intensifying the Housing Affordability Crisis

Jake Barnett portrait photo

   By Jake Barnett
   Managing Director, Sustainable Investment Strategies


Sylvia Poniecki portrait photo

   and Sylvia Poniecki
   Director, Impact Investments

    September 21, 2023

Jake Barnett and Sylvia Poniecki look at the impact climate change is having on home insurance premiums and the overall cost of housing.

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Three Key Factors Affecting Your Non-Profit’s Income

Evan Witkowski portrait photo

   By Evan Witkowski
   Manager, Institutional Relationships
   September 11, 2023

What's impacting charitable organizations? In our latest blog, get a closer look at recent trends in giving, discover the latest opportunities and challenges facing non-profits, and learn how all of this may affect your organization

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From SASB to ISSB: Why Investors Need Reliable Sustainability Disclosures

Dave Zellner portrait photo

   By Dave Zellner
   Chief Investment Officer
   July 11, 2023

Following the release of new sustainability reporting standards from ISSB, Dave Zellner reflects on the evolution of sustainability disclosures and why they fill a critical need for Wespath and other investors.

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