Investment Solutions for United Methodist Organizations

The Wespath mission is to enable our clients to meet their investment objectives while honoring the values of The United Methodist Church.

We hold to the conviction that applying social values and encouraging rigorous governance of the companies in which we invest can generate good investment returns while also benefiting society. We believe that the inclusion of strong social values and good governance can and should have a powerful positive impact on financial outcomes.

Meeting Investor Needs

Wespath is a responsible fiduciary, charged with making a conscious effort to manage our investment programs in a manner consistent with the Social Principles of The United Methodist Church. This focus places a high priority on good management and practices geared towards positive financial results.

Our investment philosophy is reflected in several key areas:

  • Selection of highly respected investment managers, many of whom are dedicated sector specialists. We have demonstrated the ability to consistently choose talented investment management firms who deliver good results over time.
  • Diversification of sub-advisors, which adds resilience and safety by spreading risk. We avoid situations where a single underperforming manager can significantly affect returns.
  • Emphasis on the long term. We avoid short-sighted pursuit of quarterly results, looking instead for above-benchmark performance and low risk, over extended time periods.
  • Proactively influencing corporate business practices. We engage with companies to encourage actions that promote societal values and drive shareholder value. Wespath also aligns with like-minded organizations to shape regulations and legislation to promote the common good.
  • Diligent pursuit of sustainable business practices for our investors, through cost containment, adherence to best practices and unswerving commitment to operational and management excellence.
We believe that values-based investing with superior returns requires dedicated leadership. That’s why we seek out the best talent, apply high standards and work hard to influence corporate business practices. Our performance track record supports the wisdom of this approach.


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