Shareholder Engagement

Wespath Benefits and Investments implements the Sustainable Investment Strategies, including the approach to shareholder engagement, for investment funds made available through it and its subsidiary, Wespath Institutional Investments.


Reaching Out to Promote Performance and Values

Wespath is a strong advocate for environmental stewardship, human and workers’ rights, access to health care and sound corporate governance practices, in accordance with the Social Principles and The Book of Resolutions of the United Methodist Church. More importantly, our advocacy takes place within the context of building greater shareholder value and enhancing the performance of our investments. We believe that good performance and responsible investing are complementary – one need not be sacrificed in the name of the other.

For us, advocacy is an interpersonal effort that takes place through meetings and other communications with company management and federal regulatory agencies. We write letters, speak with companies, file shareholder resolutions and actively vote proxy ballots for almost 5,000 companies annually.

This outreach effort is in keeping with our investment philosophy, that proactive engagement can positively influence corporate behavior, enhancing shareholder value while also promoting the common good.


2017-2018 Sustainable Investment Report

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