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Off-Grid, Renewable and Climate Action Impact Note

Wespath Investment Management, through its Positive Social Purpose Lending Program, invested $30 million in companies that help provide solar energy to communities in developing countries that are not connected to national power grids.

Our investment with Developing World Markets (DWM) provides financing to 11 institutions operating across nine countries. These organizations help people purchase solar-powered lanterns, home solar kits and other products and services to light their homes, run their businesses and refrigerate their food.

According to the United Nations, more than one billion people globally have no access to electricity, while another billion only have occasional access. For many around the world, energy access is vital to supporting a move out of poverty.

Our investment with DWM is the most recent example of our Positive Impact Investments, which demonstrate the intent that our global investment activities have a positive impact on society and the environment, while providing attractive returns for the participants we serve.

Click here for the press release from DWM.

Transaction Summary:

Transaction Name: Off-Grid, Renewable and Climate Action Impact Note
Investment Type: Microfinance
Location: Africa (Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania); Asia (India, Kazakhstan, Mongolia); Latin America (Ecuador, Guatemala, Nicaragua)
Invested Amount: $30 million
Term: 4 years
Investment Date: November 2016


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