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Shared Interest – Sub-Saharan Africa

Wespath Investment Management, through its Positive Social Purpose Lending Program, invested $1 million in the Guarantee Fund sponsored by Shared Interest, which is a non-profit based in New York that mobilizes resources for Southern Africa’s economically disenfranchised communities to sustain themselves and build equitable nations. This fund provides collateral for letters of credit that help banks in Sub-Saharan Africa make short-term loans for approved low-income borrowers in the region. Wespath’s total investment with Shared Interest is $3 million.

Video: Wespath's Partnership in Microfinance Loans

Donna Katzin, Executive Director of Shared Interest, discusses Wespath's partnership in providing microfinance loans to south and southern Africa. 

Transaction Summary:

Transaction Name: Shared Interest Guarantee Fund
Investment Type: Microfinance
Location: Sub-Saharan Africa
Invested Amount: $1,000,000
Term: 5 years
Purchase Date: October 1, 2015


For more information about Shared Interest: