Insights and Commentary from our Sub-advisors

Wespath's asset managers and others produce commentary on the state of the economy, markets, interest rates, industry segments and other topics of interest to institutional investors. These reports provide valuable insight that can help investors understand factors driving performance in the financial markets and lead to more informed decisions. The views expressed are those of the asset managers and do not necessarily represent Wespath’s views.
PGIM Real Estate—Quarterly Insights: United States – Our sub-advisor discusses the implications of two real estate trends—rising construction costs and the changing demand for office space. Posted June 20, 2018
PIMCO—Issuer Engagement is Crucial to the Future of Sustainable Investing – Our sub-advisor discusses how successful engagement with fixed income issuers regarding their environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices can have positive impacts, including reducing credit risk and improving valuations. Posted May 9, 2018
Standish—The Impact of Tax Reform on the Investment Grade Credit Market – Our sub-advisor discusses the potential impact to investment grade companies regarding four recent tax law changes: 1) a lower corporate tax rate, 2) a limitation on interest deductibility, 3) the expensing of capital expenditures and 4) a one-time repatriation tax. Posted March 7, 2018
Wellington Management—Brewing Storm: Are Investors Discounting Climate Risks and Opportunities? – Our sub-advisor makes the case that investors need to proactively focus on managing and hedging climate-related investment risk. The article highlights the unique climate risk considerations for the insurance industry. Posted December 20, 2017
HarbourVest—China: The Intersection of Innovation and E-Commerce – Our sub-advisor discusses private equity opportunities in China, focusing specifically on the wave of innovation in mobile technology. Posted December 20, 2017
Wellington Management—Power on: Five Insights on Electric and Autonomous Vehicles – Our sub-advisor shares insights into the trends and obstacles, along with potential investment opportunities and risks, related to electric/autonomous vehicles. Posted November 29, 2017
Genesis—The EV Revolution and Implications for Materials Demand – The article discusses the impact of the growing electric vehicle (EV) industry on the metals supply chain, specifically in relation to battery production. It demonstrates how Wespath sub-advisor Genesis is thinking critically about which companies are likely to succeed in the transition to a low-carbon economy. Posted November 14, 2017
PIMCO—Emerging Market Local Debt: Growing Depth, Growing Opportunity – Our sub-advisor makes a case that the addition of new emerging markets to major global indices will benefit active fixed income portfolios. Posted August 17, 2017
PIMCO—10 Reasons Why ESG Investing is Growing – This article gives a succinct description of 10 major trends contributing to reasons why ESG investing is becoming increasingly popular. Posted July 18, 2017
Allianz Global Investors—Renewable Energy: A Real-Asset Alternative for Institutions Seeking Growth, Yield and Low Carbon – Our investment manager makes the case that the unique characteristics of renewable energy infrastructure can deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns, low correlations to other asset classes, and stable cash flows -- all while adhering to ESG standards and combating climate change. Posted July 18, 2017
Standish—For Emerging Market Debt, A Sustainable Recovery – The article discusses how the U.S. dollar, U.S. Federal Reserve’s policy and the overall financial health of emerging nations is supportive for a sustainable recovery in local currency emerging market debt. Posted July 5, 2017
Epoch Investment Partners—The Impact of Passive Investing on Market Efficiency – This article addresses the impact of growing passive investment vehicles on stock markets leading to pricing inefficiencies as a result of short-term capital inflows. The article makes the case as to why a long-term fundamental active investing strategy based on free cash flows can be successful in this changing environment. Posted June 27, 2017
Wellington Management—Charging Toward a Lower-Carbon Economy – Despite the Trump administration's announcement to withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord, Wespath manager Wellington strongly believes that companies focused on sustainability and renewable energy will continue to thrive as increasingly favorable economics and global support provide a tailwind for long-term growth and value creation. Posted June 15, 2017
Baillie Gifford—Enlightened Self-Interest: Perspectives on ESG – Wespath manager Baillie Gifford discusses the critical importance to its clients of considering the impact of ESG factors when investing for the long-term. Posted June 6, 2017
Schroders—Outlook 2017: Emerging Market Debt Relative – Common investment themes in early 2017 have been the expectation for U.S. reflation, rising interest rates and continued strength in the U.S. dollar. Despite potential headwinds, Schroders believes emerging market debt offers attractive yield and diversification, and any change in market expectations could create further benefit through emerging market currency appreciation. Posted February 8, 2017
Epoch Investment Partners—Spotlight: Smaller U.S. Companies in the Current Environment – Epoch discusses the performance of, and outlook for, small- and mid-cap companies in the wake of the recent presidential election. Posted February 2, 2017
Wellington Management—Viewpoints December 2016 – Wellington emphasizes the important diversifying effects of non-U.S. securities and advises a balanced global portfolio to hold about 50% of its assets outside the U.S. Posted December 23, 2016
Capital Group—Long Duration Update – Capital Group's Wesley Phoa, a portfolio manager who focuses on long duration strategies, gives a market update and outlines what a "reshaped" Federal Reserve Board could mean for bond yields. Posted December 12, 2016
Neuberger Berman—CIO Weekly Perspectives – Inflation worries are non-existant, but maybe that's the time to prepare for future pricing pressure. Posted September 12, 2016
AllianzGI’s View on UK EU Referendum Results – Allianz explores how the Brexit vote will impact the political, economic and overall market landscape. Posted August 1, 2016

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