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The quarterly Investment Insights webinar includes investment updates on the quarter, including the factors driving market and fund performance, key economic indicators and their potential implications, and our latest sustainable investment initiatives.

Full Q2 Investment Insights Webinar (36 mins)

Sustainable Investment Update (4 mins)

From tackling the pharmaceutical industry’s role in the opioid crisis to investing in affordable housing, our latest webinar features Jake Barnett—Director of Sustainable Investment Stewardship—discussing our new Sustainable Investment Report.

Market Update (8 mins)

Joe Halwax details the primary drivers of the recent economic surge and subsequent rally in asset prices during this second quarter market update.

Fund Review (9 mins)

Karen Manczko discusses how trends like the recent shift from growth to value stocks has affected our second quarter fund performance.

Economic Update (15 mins)

Dave Zellner, our Chief Investment Officer, explains key economic indicators and their subsequent effects on markets both domestically and internationally.