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October 11 — Press Release: Wespath and BlackRock Collaborate to Launch New Low-Carbon Economy "Transition Ready" Investment Strategy


September 27 — Press Release: Wespath to Launch "Wespath Institutional Investments" and I Series Funds


April 9 — Fund Name Change: ESVPF Becomes SVCEF


March 23 — Wespath Ranks 6th in the U.S. for Contributing to Sustainable Investment


March 9 — Chevron and Occidental Respond to Wespath Resolutions Asking for Climate Risk Reporting


February 6 — Comment from the CIO: Stock Market Volatility Redux



December 20 — Sustainable Investing: United Methodist Women Through Wespath Ensures its Investments Further its Mission


June 28 — Press Release: Wespath to Launch Two New Institutional Fixed Income Funds


June 8 — Wespath Commended For Sustainable Investment Reporting


June 6 — Press Release: Historic Investor Support for Wespath’s Engagement With Oil and Gas Giants


May 12 — Update: Wespath’s ‘Climate Change Impact Assessment Report’ Resolution Passes at Occidental Petroleum


May 2 — Update: Wespath and Hermes Withdraw Chevron ‘Stress-Test’ Proposal


April 26 — Wespath Ranked in Top 4% of Global Asset Owners for Climate Change Investment Activity


April 13 — Wespath Hires Marketing Manager


April 7 — ESG Integration—Evaluating and Monitoring External Asset Manager Performance


April 5 — Press Release: Wespath’s Equity Social Values Plus Fund Revised Investment Guidelines


February 21 — Wespath Positions Investments for Transition to Low-Carbon Economy


February 13 — Wespath Releases 2015-2016 Sustainable Investment Report


February 10 — Wespath Ranks Fourth Among U.S. Asset Owners for Contribution to Sustainable and Responsible Investment Debate


February 8 — Why Wespath?


February 8 — United Theological Seminary Partners with Wespath Investment Management


January 31 — Wespath Hires Sustainable Investment Specialist


January 11 — Press Release: Wespath Benefits and Investments Joins 13 Leading International Asset Owners to Launch Major Initiative to Embed Climate Concerns in Investment Decisions



December 16 — Update: Equifax Increases Board Diversity


December 15 — Update: Emerson Electric Issues Sustainability Report


December 12 — Wespath Hires New Director of Institutional Relationships


November 21 — 2016 Presidential Election—Impact on Investments


October 25 — Wespath Joins SASB Investor Advisory Group Promoting Stronger ESG Disclosures


June 28 — Our Name Change


June 3 — Chevron Shareholders Strongly Support Wespath’s Call for Climate Resilience "Stress-Test"


May 3 — Press Release: Wespath Encourages Corporate Response to Climate Change


April 11 — Update: Wespath’s Corporate Engagements Promote Board Diversity and Human Rights Policies


February 11 — Update: Strong Support for Wespath’s Call for Sustainability Report at Emerson Electric



October 20 — Press Release: GBPHB Releases Annual Sustainable Investment Report


September 23 — Wespath Hires Manager—Public Equities


August 24 — Letter from the Chief Investment Officer: Recent Stock Market Declines


July 6 — Letter to the SEC Regarding Staff Review of Rule 14a-8(i)(9)


May 25 — CEO Letter to G7 Finance Ministers Requesting Action on Climate Change


May 11 — Press Release: GBPHB Pension Fund Ranked 10th of 500 Global Asset Owners in Climate Change Risk Management


May 8 — Wespath Supports the UN Guiding Principles Reporting Framework


March 19 — Shareholders Agree to Withdraw Resolution at Exxon Mobil


March 19 — Emerson Electric Resolution Receives Significant Shareholder Support


February 18 — Wespath's David Zellner on Coal Divestment and Stranded Assets


February 3 — Wespath Launches U.S. Equity Index Fund Emphasizing Sustainability


January 22 — GBPHB Implements Human Rights and Climate Change Investment Guidelines



October 15 — Wespath Signs the 2014 Global Investor Statement on Climate Change


August 29 — Church Helps Change Lives of Farmworkers


May 7 — Jenkinson Named Wespath Managing Director, Corporate Relations and Sustainable Investment Strategist


May 1 — Human Rights and Investment Ethics Task Force Releases Draft Report and Recommendations for UMC-wide Comment



December 12 — Investors Praise Bristol Myers Squibb for Boosting Access to Life-Saving AIDS Drugs Via Medicines Patent Pool—From the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility


November 4 — UN Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) Case Study Series: "How Wespath developed its highly successful Positive Social Purpose Lending Program"


October 24 — Wespath Supports Power Plant Performance Standards


September 23 — Lohmeier Named Managing Director, Wespath Investment Management


September 23 — United Methodist Agencies’ Human Rights and Investment Ethics Task Force—UPDATE


August 21 — Wespath Co-Files Shareholder Resolution at Tyson Foods


July 29 — Conflict Minerals Rule Upheld


July 8 — United Methodist Agencies’ Human Rights and Investment Ethics Task Force—UPDATE


June 14 — GBPHB Corporate Relations Director to Retire


May 16 — Investor Statement on Bangladesh


May 1 — Wespath Advocates for EPA Vehicle Emission and Fuel Standards


April 22 — Amy Bulger Joins Wespath Investment Management


April 16 — United Methodist Agencies Announce Task Force on Human Rights and Investment Ethics


April 10 — Wespath Helps Develop "Clawback Principles"



August 2 — Wespath Investment Managers Become Signatories to United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment

January 3 — GBOPHB Board Approves Private Prison Investment Screen



October 18 — Sylvia Poniecki Joins Wespath Investment Management

March 24 — GBOPHB Launches Wespath Investment Management


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