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Watch Mark Warren interview the asset managers Wespath works with to learn about their investment approach and unique perspectives.

Unscripted: Lawrence Burns of Baillie Gifford

Lawrence Burns of Baillie Gifford, based in Edinburgh, Scotland, joins Mark Warren to discuss how Baillie seeks to identify the world’s most exceptional growth companies outside of the U.S., specifically focusing on companies driving large structural trends across the globe. As Lawrence says, “To make good long-term investments on behalf of your clients, you’ve got to be thinking about how the world is going to look in five, ten years’ time from now.”

Kempton Ingersol of Brown Capital Management

Meet Kempton Ingersol of Brown Capital Management, one of Wespath’s U.S. equities asset managers. In this video, Mark Warren sits down with Kempton to discuss the companies and themes that Kempton is excited about.

Unscripted: An Introduction

In our new video series, Mark Warren, Manager of Public Equities sits down with asset managers for one-on-one conversations. You’ll learn how their unique perspective and background influences the way they build investment portfolios. Get to know how Wespath works with asset managers in this inside look!