Investment Performance

Wespath offers an ideal balance of investment expertise, a proven record of competitive returns, and an investment program recognized for its leadership in responsible investing. Our range of high-quality, well-managed funds ensures that client institutions are able to choose from broadly diversified portfolios across asset classes, styles and strategies. Our demonstrated expertise helps fiduciaries of non-profit organizations meet their investment objectives.
Wespath offers investors quick and easy access to investment performance.

Historical Funds Performance

Historical funds performance including prior month, quarter, one year, two years and performance since inception for Wespath's investment funds.

Monthly Investment Performance

The monthly Investment Report examines recent events that impacted the financial markets and provides a snapshot of the funds’ monthly investment performance including performance attribution.

Quarterly Investment Performance

Quarterly investment performance information is now available on individual fund pages.

Fund Performance*

Prices (as of 11/16/2018)
Fund Price Change YTD
ETFIF $10.6360 0.36% -4.60%
FIF $29.1892 0.18% -2.17%
IPF $16.9233 0.46% -1.42%
IEF $34.3500 0.06% -9.70%
MAF $30.2965 0.18% -2.26%
STIF $12.4926 0.02% 1.37%
SVCBF $9.9016 0.23% -2.36%
SVCEF $12.6958 0.20% -1.23%
USEF $40.8767 0.18% 3.00%
USEIF $13.9909 0.25% 3.65%
USTPF $9.9959 0.53% -2.30%

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* Historical returns are not indicative of future performance. Please refer to the Investment Funds Description for more information about the Funds. This is not an offer to purchase securities. Offers will only be made through the Investment Funds Description.
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