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Monthly Investment Report

The Monthly Investment Reports published prior to 2019 were
created under the Wespath Investment Management brand
name. Upon the January 2019 launch of Wespath Institutional
Investments, the Wespath Investment Management brand
name was discontinued.

The Wespath Institutional Investments Monthly Investment Report highlights recent events that impacted the financial markets. Written by Chief Investment Officer Dave Zellner, the report also provides a snapshot of monthly investment performance.

Current Monthly Investment Report

Read the latest report: September 2019



David H. Zellner

Chief Investment Officer
With Wespath since 1997
Co-authored the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI)
B.S. in finance from Louisiana State University
MBA from the University of Houston

Fund Performance*

Prices (as of 10/23/2019)
Fund Price Change YTD
FIF-I $32.3080 0.06% 9.49%
IPF-I $18.1176 0.18% 7.88%
IEF-I $38.1256 -0.09% 16.24%
MAF-I $33.4789 0.10% 15.07%
STIF-I $12.7754 0.01% 2.01%
USEF-I $45.2483 0.27% 20.64%
USEIF-I $15.5314 0.26% 21.11%
USTPF-I $10.8414 0.12% 7.84%

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* Historical returns are not indicative of future performance. Please refer to the Investment Funds Description - I Series for more information about the Funds. This is not an offer to purchase securities.

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