Institutional Investment Services

Wespath Institutional Investments is staffed by an experienced team of institutional client service professionals. We work closely with current and prospective clients to develop a thorough understanding of their unique investment objectives and organizational values.
We review our client’s objectives and engage in ongoing dialogue to enable them to select the appropriate mix of funds. We also align our investments with our clients’ mission by promoting sustainability and social justice.  Wespath Institutional Investments has proprietary knowledge of a wide range of investment, reporting, and legal issues impacting faith-based institutions.
We believe our steady growth in assets under management and very low account turnover demonstrates a high degree of satisfaction with our personalized approach.  Our institutional client services include:
  • Periodic investment performance reviews
  • Review of investment policy statement where we share our knowledge of best practices
  • State-of-the-art online account management through our "Wespath Portal"
  • Internally generated research, including white papers, thought leadership editorials and news articles detailing our Sustainable Investment Strategies' engagement efforts and successes
  • Access to research and commentary provided by external investment managers selected to participate in our multi-manager program
  • Production of ad-hoc reports upon request, which can be customized to focus on a number of topics, including:
    • Financial performance
    • The economy and financial markets
    • Ongoing engagement efforts on specific topics including:  sustainability, climate change, water safety, food safety, human rights, labor standards, executive compensation, chemical safety, access to medicines, lending practices, and affordable housing
    • - Wespath Benefits and Investments’ internally-managed Positive Social Purpose (PSP) Lending Program
  • Information about our funds or a particular investment strategy from our investment team
  • Ongoing availability to meet personally with our clients’ staff, committees, and boards
  • Account valuations updated daily
  • Daily liquidity of account balances 

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