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Investing Insights from Wespath Institutional Investments

The Wespath Institutional Investments team publish thought leadership articles communicating their views on select asset classes, market trends and other timely investment topics. Read more

Investing Insights from our Sub-advisors

WII’s investment managers produce commentary on the state of the economy, markets and other topics of interest to institutional investors. Read more

Monthly Investment Report

WII’s Monthly Investment Report highlights recent events impacting the financial markets and provides a snapshot of monthly fund performance.

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News & Announcements

Stay current with the latest press releases and news updates from Wespath Institutional Investments.

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Investor Forms

Download forms for investors


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Sustainable Investment Resources

  • 2017 - 2018 Sustainable Investment Report

    This report—Creating a More Sustainable Global Economy—provides a comprehensive overview of Wespath Benefits and Investments’ sustainable investment activities for 2017-18, highlighting its work to deliver positive societal impact and promote a more sustainable economy. 

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  • Investment Exclusions

    Wespath Institutional Investments follows guidelines for excluding investments in companies that manufacture, distribute, or sell certain products or services that are inconsistent with the values of The United Methodist Church. This page also includes guidelines for excluding companies with unsustainable business practices that will adversely affect investment performance. 

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  • Shareholder Engagement

    Through a process known as "shareholder engagement," Wespath urges global policymakers and corporations to administer sustainable practices and policies, which we believe will lead to greater financial security and improved investment returns.

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Investment Documents

Investors can access important information such as the Investment Funds Description – I Series (IFD-I Series) and the related Statement of Additional Information (SAI). In addition, the Summary Investment Fund Descriptions – I Series provides fund-specific information detailing each fund’s investment objective, risks, performance, fees and more.

Additional Resources

  • Investment Policy

    This document provides comprehensive details of the policies that govern the administration and execution of Wespath Institutional Investments’ investment program. It includes policies related to our sustainable investment program as well as policies for each of the I Series funds managed by Wespath Institutional Investments.

    View the Investment Policy

  • Investment Beliefs

    These beliefs state Wespath Institutional Investments’ fundamental investment philosophy and outline 10 guiding principles that help define its investment philosophy, and support its mission to provide investment services aligned with United Methodist values.

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  • Public Policy and Position Statements

    Wespath Benefits and Investments, on behalf of itself and its subsidiaries, including Wespath Institutional Investments, periodically writes letters to U.S. regulatory agencies and co-signs letters and position statements with other investors seeking to influence global public policy leaders.

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    Updates to Investment Fund and Investment Policy Information:
    A summary of important updates to the Investment Funds Description – I Series, and its accompanying documents, as well as changes to the Investment Policy subsequent to their original publication dates.

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