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Wespath Institutional Investments

Providing not-for-profit institutions access to well-managed investment programs. Our uncompromising approach delivers both competitive performance and alignment with the Social Principles of The United Methodist Church.

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The Path is Clear When You Are Driven By a Mission


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Market Performance Summary

To receive this chart each week via our Wespath Market Update e-mail, please contact our team at [email protected].

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Three Decades of Impact and Performance: Wespath’s Positive Social Purpose Lending Program

In celebration of our PSP Lending Program’s 30-year anniversary, PSP Director Sylvia Poniecki wrote a reflective white paper detailing how PSP seeks to deliver market‐rate returns while supporting affordable housing and positive community impact around the world.

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COVID-19 Investment Updates

The COVID-19 Coronavirus has impacted economies and communities across the globe. This page contains communications from our investment team addressing the financial market events surrounding COVID-19.

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Wespath Institutional Investments (WII) balances fiduciary responsibility to our investors with an investment philosophy informed by the values of The United Methodist Church. The framework that guides our investment strategy is designed for positive, long-term financial results:

  • Long-Term Perspective
  • Diversification
  • Active Management
  • Sustainability

The health of your organization as it relates to investment is our utmost concern. Guided by principles - ethical and fiscal - we are committed to helping our investor's organizations attain prosperous, sustainable futures.

Our Funds

Explore the performance metrics of WII's institutional product offering.

  • Fixed Income Fund-I Series
  • Inflation Protection Fund-I Series
  • International Equity Fund-I Series
  • Multiple Asset Fund-I Series
  • Short Term Investment Fund-I Series
  • U.S. Equity Fund-I Series
  • U.S. Equity Index Fund-I Series
  • U.S. Treasury Inflation Protection Fund-I Series
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August 2020 Investment Report

The WII Monthly Report details market news, performance highlights and detailed fund metrics.

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