Welcome to WII

On January 2, 2019, Wespath Benefits and Investments (WBI) launched Wespath Institutional Investments (WII), a not-for-profit investment management organization dedicated to serving a broader range of institutional investors related to The United Methodist Church (UMC).

WII manages the new I Series of multi-manager funds for institutional investors: 

Fixed Income Fund–I Series Short Term Investment Fund–I Series
Inflation Protection Fund–I Series U.S. Equity Fund–I Series
International Equity Fund–I Series U.S. Equity Index Fund–I Series
Multiple Asset Fund–I Series U.S. Treasury Inflation Protection Fund–I Series


Our clients benefit from:

  • Global Diversification available through the I Series funds, managed by world-class global asset managers
  • World-leading Sustainable Investment Strategies designed to enhance performance, while having a positive impact on the environment and society
  • Long-term Perspective through an investment approach designed to minimize portfolio turnover
  • Expertise of a tenured investment team focused on investment manager selection for a combined $21 billion in assets (including assets managed on behalf of all WBI subsidiaries) as of December 31, 2018
  • Administrative Ease of online account access to daily priced funds and next-day liquidity

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