Additional Resources

The Additional Resources published prior to 2019 were published
under the Wespath Investment Management brand name. Upon the
January 2019 launch of Wespath Institutional Investments, the
Wespath Investment Management brand name was discontinued.


Below are links to important information and reference documents for Wespath Institutional Investments investors.

About Wespath Institutional Investments - This flyer provides a brief overview of Wespath Institutional Investments and the I Series of funds.

2017-2018 Sustainable Investment Report - This report provides a comprehensive overview of Wespath Benefits and Investments' (Wespath) sustainable investment activities throughout 2017 and 2018.

Investment Beliefs - This document describes how Wespath Institutional Investments cares for those who serve by providing investment and benefit services that honor the mission and principles of The United Methodist Church.

Investment Policy - This document provides comprehensive details of the policies that govern the administration and execution of Wespath Institutional Investments' investment program. It includes policies related to our responsible investing program and policies for each of the funds offered by Wespath Institutional Investments.

Investment Policy Updates - This page lists changes to the Investment Policy approved within the past year.

Investment Descriptions - Before you invest, you should review the Investment Funds Description – I Series (IFD-I Series) and the related Statement of Additional Information (SAI), which contains additional and more detailed information about the Funds and their risks. In addition, the Summary Investment Fund Descriptions – I Series provides fund-specific information detailing each fund’s investment objective, risks, performance, fees and more.

Investment Funds Description Updates - Important additions regarding the administration of Wespath Institutional Investment's funds that have been made subsequent to the most recent published version of the Investment Funds Description. Investors should review these updates in addition to the Investment Funds Description.

Investment Exclusions - Wespath Institutional Investments' guidelines for excluding investments in companies that manufacture, distribute, or sell products or services that are inconsistent with the values of The United Methodist Church.

Public Policy and Position Statements - Wespath Benefits and Investments, on behalf of itself and its subsidiaries, including Wespath Institutional Investments, periodically writes letters to U.S. regulatory agencies and cosigns letters and position statements with other investors seeking to influence global public policy leaders.

Annual Reports - View annual reports for Wespath Benefits and Investments from 2014 to 2018.

Processing Holiday Schedule - A list of the pricing holidays when financial markets are closed in the United States.


Fund Performance*

Prices (as of 11/15/2019)
Fund Price Change YTD
FIF-I $32.2845 0.01% 9.41%
IPF-I $18.0907 0.03% 7.72%
IEF-I $39.2183 0.85% 19.57%
MAF-I $34.2274 0.56% 17.65%
STIF-I $12.7889 0.01% 2.12%
USEF-I $47.0792 0.84% 25.52%
USEIF-I $16.1541 0.75% 25.96%
USTPF-I $10.8105 -0.15% 7.53%

View the I Series of Funds.

* Historical returns are not indicative of future performance. Please refer to the Investment Funds Description - I Series for more information about the Funds. This is not an offer to purchase securities.

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